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Insert Mold Tooling

Advantage Mold & Design is the region's largest supplier of insert mold tooling.  We supply to the Automotve, Industrial, Electronics, and Medical manufacturing fields.  We have over 20 years experience with the special challenges of insert molding, including mold protection, operator protection, and automation interface issues.  We can also assist with insert design and tolerancing issues.

Low Volume Tooling

Don't need a lot of parts?  Do your parts still need to be production quality?  Advantage Mold & Design works with all mold materials, including aluminum, beryllium copper, pre-hardened steels, and fully hardened steels.  We work with all major quick change tooling system suppliers for horizontal machines, as well as our own proprietary quick change system for vertical insert mold tooling.  We can produce fast, inexpensive, yet rugged tooling for your low volume production needs.

Over Mold Tooling

Advantage Mold & Design has extensive experience with overmolding challenging items such as jacketed cables, cable bundles, soldered assemblies, plastic substrates, multi-part assemblies, and large metal stampings.  We have experience with molding over long, heavy harness sections and understand the importance of protecting you valuable harness from damage.

High Volume Tooling

Need to run 50 million parts per year?  Advantage Mold & Design understands your need for the highest possible class of tooling.  We understand your need for easy maintenance.  You demand 100% cavity interchangeability.  You want the finest available purchased components.  We work with all major hot runner vendors to make sure you get the support you need during your mold's productive lifetime.  We purchase the best steel from the best steel suppliers.  In order to be competitive, parts need to RAIN out of your press.  You demand the best.  So do we.

Specialty Tooling

Do you have some really special requirements.  Advantage Mold & Design has experience with thermoset injection molding, LSR, and transfer mold tooling.  We also fabricate from exotic alloys, such as Inconel, carbide, and Ferrotic.  We've delt with some pretty outrageous requirements.